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International Routes in Turkey 

In the context of geographic location of our country, Turkey is situated in a point where the Asian, European and African continents are close to each other. Being a natural bridge, our country is located in the center of the European–Asian international transport network linking the countries of Asia, Europe, Central Asia, the Caucasian Republics, the countries of the Black Sea and even the Pasific countries of the Far East with each other.

International routes in our country are shown collectively in the map below.

The international highway routes and international transport projects in Turkey are listed below:

  1.                 1- International E-Roads Network
  2.                 2- ESCAP
  3.                 3- EATL
  4.                 4- TEM 
  5.                 5- TRACECA
  6.                 6- KEİ-BSEC
  7.                 7- EİT-ECO
  8.                 8- TEN-T (TEN-T routes are not included in the above map.)