About Us


-To specify the network of motorways, state highways and provincial roads and    to prepare the modifications on this network, to construct, improve and repair the roads and bridges on the road network and keep under continuos maintenance  to provide the secure use of them and provide necessary training on these subjects, 


-To design, to determine the standards concerning construction, repair, maintenance and other issues, to prepare technical specifications,


-To determine the principles and rules about the road and traffic safety, maintenance and the use of roads, to realize them and to install the required road signs,


-To prepare the necessary maps for the works related to its duties, to carry out surveys and designs or to have them carried out,   


-To collect, press and publish the information about the activities of General Directorate of Highways,


-To establish, maintain, repair, equip, operate, rent garages and workshops necessary for the construction, improvement, maintenance and safety of roads, warehouses and storage  for the equipment and materials, services and fuel stations, laboratories, test stations, bridges and all the other sub-foundations of historical road networks, required facilities for the landscape and the development of the road side, road side resorts, buildings to supply traffic safety and maintenance, wireless communication stations and required correspondence networks and all the other social facilities which will be useful for General Directorate of Highways to fulfil its duties sufficiently, or to have them established in accordance with the plans and designs prepared,


-In order to fulfil the defined duties, to determine, supply, store, repair the required devices, materials, vehicles, equipment and related parts and all the materials to operate and repair them, also to manufacture the necessary ones or to have them manufactured, to equip and operate the required warehouses, workshops and buildings,


-In compliance with the laws to expropriate, buy, rent and occupy temporarily all the real estate and the buildings to provide the safe and easy traffic flow, to fulfil the tasks included in the duties of General Directorate of Highways ,

-To perform the duties determined by the other laws related to motorways, state highways and provincial roads.