Important Note for the Drivers of Vehicles with Foreign Licence Plates that Will Use Tollways

The vehicles with foreign licence plates must register to OGS or HGS before using the tollways and must have sufficient credit in the account for pass. Turkish Custom Authorities will not allow the vehicles with foreign licence plates to leave the country if they have unpaid toll fines. Therefore, drivers should question if they have any unpaid toll fee, violation or toll fine from the Tollway Pass Violation Query section on the webpage www.kgm.gov.tr and pay the debts before arriving in the Customs to leave. For your further questions and complaints, apply to info@kgm.gov.tr

Fast-Pass System (HGS) has been activated by PTT General Directorate on 17.09.2012, at the toll stations on Izmir-Aydın Motorway, Izmir-Çeşme Motorway, Bosphorus Bridges, European Motorway, Anatolian Motorway and Niğde-Mersin-Şanlıurfa Motorway.

For pre-paid HGS labels, you can apply to the PTT head Office or branches. You can also give a free automatic payment order from your credit card for automatic credit loading.

For questions and problems about HGS?
Which motorway lane should OGS-HGS subscribers should use?

Vehicle Classes

                 Vehicles are charged over 6 vehicle classes on bridges and motorways. Motorcycles can register to HGS as Class 6 vehicles and can pass toll bridges and motorways for half Class 1 vehicle toll starting from 24.10.2015. The users must have the HGS label compatible with their vehicle classes. Otherwise, HGS accounts of the users who do not have compatible labels with their vehicle classes will be blacklisted.

Class 1 Vehicles
Class 2 Vehicles
Class 3 Vehicles
Class 4 Vehicles
Class 5 Vehicles
Class 6 Vehicles


For questions and problems about HGS? Top

                  For the problems about HGS, the users can apply to hgs@kgm.gov.tr e-mail address, fax numbers 0 312 801 04 04-0 312 801 05 05-0 312 801 06 06 or HGS Call Center 0 850 460 60 60. For detailed information about HGS and HGS pass violation toll fine fees, the users can apply to http://hgsmusteri.ptt.gov.tr web page.

Which motorway lane should OGS-HGS subscribers should use? Top

                  OGS and HGS are separate pass systems. Therefore, every user should pass through the specific pass lanes depending on the electronic label they are using. Otherwise, a toll fine 5 times the standard toll will be applied.

Class 1 Vehicles Top

                   Vehicles with a wheelbase shorter than 3.20 metre are Class 1 vehicles. 

Class 2 Vehicles Top

                   All vehicles with 3.20 metre or longer wheelbase and 2 axles are Class 2 vehicles.

Class 3 Vehicles Top

                   All vehicles with 3 axles are Class 3 vehicles.

Class 4 Vehicles Top

                   All vehicles with 4 and 5 axles are Class 4 vehicles.

Class 5 Vehicles Top

                   Vehicles such as lorries, trailers etc. With 6 or more axles are Class 5 vehicles.

Class 6 Vehicles Top

                   Motorcycles are Class 6 vehicles.

OGS-HGS Pass Violation

                In case of an OGS or HGS pass violation, no toll fine is applied to the vehicle licence plate if the registration to OGS or HGS is made in 15 days after pass violation, or the existing OGS/HGS account has sufficient amount of credit. 

                  Vehicles with foreign licence plates have to register to OGS/HGS and have sufficient amount of credit in their accounts to pass. This 15 days rule for paying normal toll fee is not valid for the vehicles with foreign licence plates.